Digital Vulnerability Intelligence

Stay safe from online threats. We review your online presence, identify points of vulnerability, and remove personal information that puts you at risk.

Safeguard Points of Vulnerability Online that Put You & Your Family at Risk

When personal information is available online, bad actors can take advantage of that information and use it to potentially harm you or the people you protect. We help uncover, monitor, and remove personally identifiable information to keep you and those you protect safe, giving you peace of mind.

A Proven Three-step Approach to Keep Personal Information Private

1. Assessment

We search online sources to find your exposed personally identifiable information (PII) such as address and contact information, personal relationships and associates, locations, and login credentials.

2. Removal

We remove as much personally identifiable information (PII) as possible such as residential address, personal phone number, and email addresses for you and family members residing with you. Plus, we'll help you update your privacy settings and teach you best practices for recognizing privacy risks and how to keep your information private online.

3. Monitoring

As part of this subscription service, we will continuously monitor your PII online for new exposures and remove them if found. If you are at-risk for cyber criminals tracking your information, or if you want to manage your identity and be in control of your privacy an on ongoing basis, this service will help keep your information safe from online threats.



Beacon Transport

“I love it that you gave us methods that are ethical AND easy … You really did make me think—and begin to shift the way I think—about how I do my job vetting the individuals and the companies we work with.”


Founder, Principal & Analyst, Sullivan Research, LLC

“HG is the best source for acquiring investigative knowledge and skills. Highly recommend.”

Bruce Sackman,

SPI President

“Cynthia is the undisputed, undefeated champion of open source intelligence. She is the number one go-to person for both training and actual research to collect electronic evidence and investigative leads from the Internet.”

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