Background Investigations

Research on the backgrounds and credentials of foreign and domestic organizations and individuals to empower you to make informed decisions.

Know the Facts

Truly knowing the facts about someone and their history is difficult. Gain peace of mind with our background investigations. Our expert analysts search over 190 million foreign and domestic consumer records to uncover financial, legal, and reputational information that helps you understand who you're bringing into your business or bringing a case against.

Get a Clear Picture of Who You're Hiring

Whether it's a C-suite level hire, someone who will have access to sensitive information, or an influencer to represent your brand, we will produce a detailed background report covering identity verification, reputation, credentials, financial stability, and compliance.

Make Informed Decisions for Your Case

Whether it's in support of a threat or fraud investigation, litigation, or insurance claim, we scrutinize and examine the history of individuals and to track down and provide you with the information to make sound decisions.

Protect Your Assets and Reputation

Whether you’re vetting a potential business partner or investment deal, you can be confident you've received thorough and accurate background data to help you avoid a bad business deal.



Beacon Transport

“I love it that you gave us methods that are ethical AND easy … You really did make me think—and begin to shift the way I think—about how I do my job vetting the individuals and the companies we work with.”


Founder, Principal & Analyst, Sullivan Research, LLC

“HG is the best source for acquiring investigative knowledge and skills. Highly recommend.”

Bruce Sackman,

SPI President

“Cynthia is the undisputed, undefeated champion of open source intelligence. She is the number one go-to person for both training and actual research to collect electronic evidence and investigative leads from the Internet.”

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Expert Investigations and Intelligence

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